Tie vote in Senate motion to proceed on health care bill

Not surprisingly, after a 1/2 hour long vote in the Senate, the motion to proceed on considering the health care bill has resulted in a 50-50 tie - after Senators Ron Johnson and John McCain voted last to provide the 50 votes. The roll call has just finished (all Democrats held their vote for the roll call) and it appears a certainty that Vice President Pence will shortly vote to break the tie in favor of proceeding.

Debate will then begin on a large variety of possible bills, the only one of which that appears likely to proceed would be a "skinny" repeal bill of Obamacare, dropping the provisions that have been deemed impossible under reconciliation.

Senators Murkowski and Collins were the only no votes among the Republicans.

Update -

Vice President Pence has voted to break the tie 51-50, and John McCain is currently making a speech on the function of the Senate.

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July 25, 2017

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