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State Assembly turmoil over resolution 12 - update

October 10, 2019 - 12:58pm
Robin Vos

WisEye Morning Minute: Assembly Rule Changes

The state assembly has been involved in an acrimonious debate over the proposed rule changes in the Assembly. Rep Jimmy Anderson (D - District 37), whose request for the ability to call in to assembly meetings  has been stonewalled by GOP leadership for months, provided a heartbreaking testimony to his attempts to have the Asseembly conform to the ADA by allowing him to call in when he is incapable of attending meetings. This is already allowed by state senate rules. Robin Vos and the GOP leadership have accused Anderson of negotiating his accommodation in the press, but according to Anderson's testimony he has tried throughout the summer to negotiate with the GOP leadership, only to be ignored completely.

Rep Chris Taylor chimed in heartily on this issue, accusing the leadership of  breaking the law and putting their political vendetta over the needs of the people of Wisconsin. At the moment the Assembly is in recess and will re-convene shortly to take up other matters temporarily. Live video of the Assembly is available below thanks to Wisconsin Eye. We will provide a link to the full session video when it is available.

- update - the rule change was split into two pieces in the afternoon session - though not cleanly split. In the end the rule changes were both passed. The change that provided measures for handicapped legislatures and a few other rules passed along party lines 61-36. The second set of rules, including the unlimited veto overrides passed 60-36. Republican legislator Scott Allen, R-Waukesha, joined the Democrats in voting against the measure. The video has been updated and is a recording of the entire floor session. The video is cued to start at Jimmy Anderson's testimony but you can rewind back to the beginning to see the entire video.

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