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Senate gives up on Healthcare vote before recess

June 27, 2017 - 1:18pm

Citing a lack of votes, the Senate has postponed voting on their recent healthcare bill. Huge amounts of pressure have come to bear against Congress, both from external groups (including traditionally conservative Veterans groups) as well as from members of the Senate, some of whom want the bill to be more severe and roll back all of the Obamacare provisions, and some of whom are concerned about the terrible effects the bill will have on children, the aged, the poor, and the ill. 

This is no reason to not keep resisting. It's very possible that Senate leaders will come up with yet another bill which may be worse, or may simply keep applying pressure to the holdouts. This dumpster fire of a bill will be a disaster for almost everyone but the very rich. Recent information indicates that it could even increase the premiums of people on employer-provided health insurance by disrupting the health insurance business in severe ways.

To paraphrase the President, who knew Healthcare could be so complicated?  Apparently everyone but Congress and the President know this, particularly the vulnerable among us.

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Steve Hanson
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