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New State Motto? Some modest suggestions

October 17, 2017 - 9:48pm

WMC has recently that the state should re-consider our state motto "America's Dairyland" and that our citizens should re-invent ourselves into a newer, hipper persona now that we have Foxconn coming (and obviously life in Wisconsin is going to change completely).

This is an interesting idea, despite the fact that we have had the same motto on our license plates since the second World War, and nobody I know seem really anxious to change. We are still a huge producer of dairy products, and most Wisconsinites are proud of that.

Still, I'm always willing to consider a change, so if in fact the changes that have come about in our state require a new state motto, I have a few ideas:

  • We'll do anything for jobs -- Seriously, Anything
  • Land of people who used to know better
  • The Drinking State - (Just not our water, that's not safe)
  • Land of 1000 green lakes
  • Wetlands, Schmetlands
  • We Still Have The Packers!
  • Earth Day Started and Ended HERE!

I am sure our gentle readers have their own ideas - feel free to comment.

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