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December 4, 2018

Where we are now?   The Senate has amazingly re-convened after several hours, took up some amendments, at which point the Democrats decided to go into caucus to discuss the amendments. The BOTTOM video is the current live stream of the Senate session. There also apparently are plans for the Assembly to finally convene at 10 PM. 

Today both the Senate and Assembly will take up voting on the Extraordinary Session bills.  The bills were voted on in committee last night until about midnight, and we brought you the live stream here. Today both houses will vote. The Senate is scheduled to vote at 11 AM and the Assembly is scheduled to go into session at 1 PM. These are the live streams of both sessions, thanks to Wisconsin Eye. There is also a video of the pre-session press conference that took place yesterday morning..

Note that the activity in the Senate will be by far the more interesting as the GOP can only afford to lose one vote on these bills or they will fail. The margin in the Assembly is much greater, and the bills will almost certainly all pass there. 

Once again, thanks to Wisconsin Eye for all that they do to make government more transparent. 

WisEye Morning Minute: News Conference - Pre-JFC Public Hearing

Wisconsin State Senate Floor Session

Wisconsin State Assembly Floor Session

Wisconsin State Senate Floor Session

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