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Lisa Neubauer concedes Supreme Court race to Brian Hagedorn

April 10, 2019 - 10:26am

This morning Lisa Neubauer called Brian Hagedorn and conceded the Supreme Court race. The vote in this race was very close, falling within .5%. Many of Neubauer's supporters had hoped that a recount would be held, but in an email to supporters this morning Neubauer thanked those who worked on the campaign, and stated

Our courts are strongest when politics are set aside and we follow the law regardless of personal views.

As a practical matter it was extremely unlikely that a recount could overcome a deficit of nearly 6000 votes in this election. 

As we entered election season Neubauer was seen as almost certain to win the election, but a very late influx of conservative money appears to have brought out a large number of voters in conservative and purple areas of the state, most notably from the Fox River Valley and the Green Bay area. Democrats were particularly optimistic after the last Supreme Court election in which the vote, while close, tipped toward the more liberal candidate. The Hagedorn win means that the court will have five members who are seen as having conservative views vs. the two candidates who are seen as liberal. Hagedorn starts his 10-year term in August, and the now-more-conservative court will remain conservative until at least 2023, assuming no justices step down in the interim.

Steve Hanson
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