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Lame Duck Session - where we stand

December 4, 2018 - 10:16pm

Wisconsin State Senate Floor Session

The Senate, after several hours of recess, has come back into session. Earlier in the day the Senate voted along party lines to approve 82 appointments that suddenly appeared on the floor. The Senate also voted to pass one of the three bills that remained, covering tax breaks to pass-through tax entities and funding for road construction in the state. This was considered the least controversial of the bills.

After coming back into session the GOP presented a  bill to prevent the new Governor from rescinding waivers that were set up by Governor Walker. Amendments to the bill were presented to limit this to the Dept. of Health Services (essentially Medicaid). The Democrats have now taken the Senate into recess to have time to read and discuss the new bill. Link to the new bill is below. The bill also codifies drug testing and work requirements for welfare recipients.  Changes to these must go through the legislature.

The Assembly has now also gone into session and will take up the bills as passed in the Senate.  There is no embeddable stream of the Assembly at this time, but you can watch the Assembly session at

10:50 PM - Senate has passed the bill referenced on party lines. The Republicans have now asked again to go into partisan caucus. 

The Assembly has begun debate. 

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