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Judge Simanek rules against Trump campaign in state lawsuit

December 10, 2020 - 1:20pm
President Donald Trump

On December 10, 2020, the Milwaukee County Circuit Court will hear Donald J. Trump et al v. Joseph R. Biden et al with Reserve Judge Stephen A. Simanek presiding. Case (consolidated with Dane County Circuit Court Case ).

We will bring you the live stream here thanks to Wiseye.Org.

In the fifth court loss in quick succession in Wisconsin, State Reserve Judge Stephen Simanek has ruled that the election was held legally, and rejected the lawsuit. The suit had previously been sent to the State Supreme Court, which refused to hear it and sent it down to the lower court because by state law that is where the suit must be filed. 

Simanek found that there was no evidence of election fraud, stating "The determination of the court is that (Trump's team) has not demonstrated that an erroneous interpretation of Wisconsin early voting laws happened here."

Trump's lawyers may appeal this case to the Wisconsin Supreme Court but time is of the essence because the state Electoral College votes Monday.

Note that several sources are currently reporting that the Trump campaign is attempting to appeal this up to the Wisconsin Supreme Court again.


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The election will be over turned to the rightful owner Donald J. Trump

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Trump won the legal votes; therefore, he legally won the election.

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So, the court ruled that it is okay for Wisconsin to do illegal things to conduct an election? Yeah, that's bullshit, not Democracy. Democrats don't cherish Democracy. Losers!

Trump won the legal votes and legally won the election!

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