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It's election time in Wisconsin again

April 13, 2020 - 5:02pm
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It is finally time to count the votes from the April 7 election. Poll workers could start counting ballots at 4 PM and votes are slowly starting to trickle in. There is still a lot of contention over the issues caused by having the election in the middle of a pandemic crisis in the state, and the other issues caused by the flurry of mitigation that went on through the course of the week preceding the election.

As of a short while ago eight lawsuits had been filed in regard to the voting in the April 7 election so it is not clear that this election will end tonight, or even after the votes are officially counted (at least in very close races).

This is an ongoing story and will be updated as the evening goes on.

5:56 PM - it appears that the state-wide ballot initiative for Marsy's Law has passed overwhelmingly and that Joe Biden is certainly going to win in the Democratic Presidental Primary. Of course, Donald Trump has won the Republican Presidential Primary.  The election for State Supreme Court and District 2 Court of Appeals are both very close at this time.

6:10 PM In Eau Claire, Mai Xiong is very far ahead for the at-large County Board seat.  Nick Smiar has won his seat over Time Kruger with 100% of the vote in.  James Dunning has won over Chase Matthews, and Zoe Roberts has retained her seat. 

In the Supreme Court race, jill Karofsky is currently slightly ahead of Daniel Kelly with 53% of the vote and with 50% of the voting jurisdictions reporting. 

Dunn County is currently not providing any vote totals for the school board election in  Menomonie.

19:30 - in a slightly surprising upset,Jill Karofsky has been called by  the Associated Press as the winner in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race. About 74% if the vote us in and Karofsky has 629,703 votes compared to Kelly's 556,848. Although this will still leave the state Supreme Court with a conservative majority it does put the court within striking distance if the next election goes toward a liberal candidate.

Votes are starting to come in for the Menomonie School Board, but with only 33% of the votes in it is too close to call.

10:15 PM -  The city of Menomonie results have finally come in for the Menomonie School Board, and the three winners in the election are Tanya Husby, Amy Riddle-Swanson, and Charlie Schneider. Schneider barely beat out the next-highest candidate, Heathe Klanderman, by 2182 votes versus 2107. 

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