District Court of Appeals ALSO denies Walker request to delay elections

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Today Judge Paul E. Reilly also refused to allow the state to delay calling for special elections in the two vacant legislature seats in the state. Governor Walker has been attempting to get a delay from the two previous rulings that require him to call special elections for the state so that the legislature would have time to pass a law changing the timing of special elections. At heart the issue is that the judges will not vacate a ruling based on a future law that may be passed. It is not at all clear that the proposed law can pass both houses of the legislature since it would only require two no votes from the Senate to stop passage, and the law is contentious.

At the moment Walker is planning on appealing to the State Supreme Court in an attempt to not call special elections by Thursday at noon. Walker is asking the Supreme Court for an emergency ruling overriding the Appeals Court by noon tomorrow.

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March 28, 2018


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