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Budget Bill Heading to Governor's Desk

June 26, 2019 - 4:16pm
Tony Evers

The Wisconsin State Senate has passed the GOP Budget Bill and it is now heading to Gov. Tony Evers desk for signature. The bill passed 17-16 this afternoon, with two GOP Senators joining all of the Democrats in voting no. 

The bill passed the Assembly yesterday with a 60-39 vote where all Democrats and three Republicans voted against the budget. The plan is 2 million dollars less than the Governor's proposed budget, with substantial cuts to the educational proposals in Evers' budget. It also does not include the proposed expansion of Medicaid in the state. 

The very liberal veto provisions in Wisconsin will allow the Governor some opportunity to make line revisions in the budget before signing it. Although unlikely, it is, of course, possible that Evers will veto the entire budget, which would throw the state budget-making process into at least some level of chaos. 

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