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About the New Richmond Detention Center

April 19, 2019 - 12:53pm

Recently a private corporation, ICA, requested a zoning change in New Richmond for the purposes of building an ICE detention center for immigrants.  ICA already runs in Virginia and is under contract with ICE to hold immigrants there. The proposed 500-bed detention center received quite a lot of resistance in the community, especially in social media. The city received many questions and irate phone calls from community members, and they hired a publicity firm to handle the phone calls and questions. Attempts were made to organize against the center and to call for a large turnout at the community meeting scheduled for the 23rd. These plans were being made in social media and in a .

Yesterday the city released a staff report on the proposed rezoning which found several issues with the plan:

  • It was at odds with the city's comprehensive plan.
  • Accepting this rezoning would require extensive re-working of the comprehensive plan
  • It would require expansion of water supply facilities
  • Sanitary system facilities were inadequate and would need to be upgraded
  • Storm water facilities required changes
  • The road near the facility would require upgrades
  • ICA would need to accept responsibility for the infrastructure upgrades
  • There was not a sufficient buffer zone between the proposed facility and residential areas

As a result of this, the staff report recommended against accepting the rezoning application. 

 ICA, on its part, responded to the staff report by withdrawing its application for the zoning change. In their response they stated:

Steve Hanson
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