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Video of Tammy Baldwin/Bernie Sanders Rally in Eau Claire

July 14, 2018 - 8:16pm

Tammy Baldwin and Bernie Sanders Rally Eau Claire

Over 1000 people attended the Tammy Baldwin rally today in Eau Claire. The guest of honor at the Rally was Vermont Senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. There were three guest speakers at the event. Senator Baldwin gave a hearty campaign speech touching on multiple issues, particularly touching on healthcare issues and the threat to civil liberties of the new Supreme Court nominee.

After some brief ribbing  between  Baldwin and Sanders on the relative merits of Wisconsin and Vermont cheddar cheese, Senator Sanders gave a crowd-pleasing speech about the fragility of our current polical lives and what can be done to preserve healthcare, civil liberties, and the rights of immigrants, among other topics. Sanders remarked that although progressives may feel powerless in the current political environment, the antidote for depression is activism.

Music was provided by Eau Claire band . The music included a small ode to Governor Walker, some of which is included in the video.

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