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Town Hall in Menomonie with Ron Johnson Aide

July 18, 2017 - 6:04pm

Town Hall with aide to Senator Ron Johnson in Menomonie

Tom Petri, one of Ron Johnson's aides, held a town hall meeting in Menomonie last night to talk with Senator Johnson's constituents. Approximately 120 people attended the town hall, which was mostly respectful and grateful to Mr. Petri for coming to hear their concerns.

However, there was a strong underlying frustration that Senator Johnson has not held public town hall meetings, preferring instead to hold telephone town halls where the questions are screened (and which are generally announced at the last minute) or private meetings at Republican-friendly businesses where the people in the room are carefully controlled. 

Questions largely revolved around the Republican health care bill (which was still very much alive in the senate at the beginning of the meeting, and completely dead by the time people packed up to go home). Other attendees asked questions about education funding, homeland security issues, and other funding issues in the upcoming budget. Rather a large amount of frustration was also expressed about the President. 

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Steve Hanson
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