MADISON – Today, the State Senate took action on a number of executive appointments, rejecting many well-qualified individuals from serving the State of Wisconsin. Senate Democratic Leader Melissa Agard (D-Madison) released the following statement: 

“I am incredibly disappointed by my Republican colleagues who chose to prioritize politics over confirming well-qualified professionals today. Sharon Adams, Dylan Jennings, Jim VandenBrook, and Sandra Dee Naas have extensive expertise in and long-standing appreciation for Wisconsin’s natural resources.

“Senate Republicans also rejected the esteemed Dr. Sheldon Wasserman of the Medical Examining Board; Joseph Czarnezki of the Wisconsin Elections Commission; Jerry Halverson of the Livestock Facility Siting Review Board; and Melissa Baldauff of the Council on Domestic Abuse.

“By rejecting these confirmations today, Senate Republicans have rejected the invaluable skillset and knowledge that these folks would contribute to the state in their respective fields and instead chose nasty partisanship.

“The rejection of these appointments is unprecedented. Since 1981, the State Senate has only rejected five executive appointments. The GOP is becoming increasingly extreme and their inability to carry out this basic responsibility highlights their continued dysfunction within their party and inability to govern. Legislative Republicans in Wisconsin are mirroring the chaos of their congressional counterparts. This is alarming.

“I call on my Republican colleagues to stop playing these political games and take action on the remaining more than one-hundred unconfirmed executive appointees. The Governor thoughtfully appointed a diverse, knowledgeable, and passionate number of people to countless boards and commissions. It’s far past time for the Republican-controlled Senate to fulfill their constitutional duties and confirm these appointments.” 

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