No Quarters for Kathy


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Guest Column by Pat Kreitlow

February 10, 2019
Kathy Bernier

Shame on you, Kathy Bernier. Don't you for a moment try to normalize the prospect of toll roads in Wisconsin. For the first 100 years of automobile travel in Wisconsin, we have ensured that our taxes are enough to provide good roads. Wisconsin became the to have a fully signed system of route numbered highways because private road developers were cheating drivers. And now you want to bring that back?How about taking back that massive corporate tax giveaway you passed into law a few years ago? You call it the Agriculture and Manufacturing Credit, but 80 percent of the total tax break goes to a handful of individuals with income of $1 million or more. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has businesses worth millions of dollars yet he has business entities that paid S in state income tax in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.Since the Manufacturing Credit passed, more than dollars has been siphoned from things like our roads and given to millionaires. And now you say of toll roads, Look at the photo above; it’s a bridge in your district that is missing. It was supposed to be replaced by now, but on your watch road money was diverted for Foxconn and road work was delayed to give the phony appearance of a transportation surplus. Now we’re supposed to toss quarters into toll gate baskets and enrich private road contractors?No, the best way to go is stand up for your constituents instead of your millionaire buddies and keep Wisconsin roads toll free. No quarters for Kathy.

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