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No decision today on Gill v. Whitford

June 11, 2018 - 9:39am

In what is becoming a Monday ritual I spent a while this morning watching the live feed on the Supreme Court decisions. Of particular interest to Wisconsin readers is the , which again did not come up. So we still wait on the edge of our seats to determine if the election maps in Wisconsin will be found unconstitutional. 

There was an announcement this morning that additional cases will be announced on Thursday, so stay tuned.

Of less specific interest to Wisconsinites, but certainly of general interest was the decision on th voter purging law in Ohio. Ohio will remove voters from their voting rolls if a voter does not vote in two consecutive elections and does not return a postcard sent to them at their voting address. This had been challenged in court as violating the Naitonal Voting Rights Act. The act makes it illegal to remove a voter from polling lists simply because they did not vote. The court ruled that the current process in Ohio is legal which will open the door to more states doing this.  

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