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Cranberry Creek Farm CAFO Hearing 3/28/2017

March 28, 2017 - 7:17pm

Cranberry Creek CAFO Hearing 3/28/2017 Full Testimony

A hearing was held today about the re-issuance of the WPDES permit for Cranberry Creek Farm. Cranberry Creek is asking to expand from approximately 2000 cows to over 7000. Many testified at the hearing today, raising various issues with the state of the permit application, while also questioning the wisdom of a farm fo that scale in an area that is already suffering from groundwater degradation.

This is the second application that has been filed for the farm. The first was contentious because it seemed in many areas to be incomplete or inaccurate, including listing other properties for manure spreading for which no agreement had been made.

We went out and videotaped the testimony today - it is  - YouTube has finally finished processing this, and it's now available.  It's a long video, but you'll find a number of people were well-prepared and convincing.

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