When: Saturday, Jan 28, 2017, 10:00AM - 1:00PM
1808 Folsom St. Eau Claire, WI 54703

Our Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative membership will be gathering at Unity Christ Center, 1808 Folsom St in Eau Claire starting at 10AM on Saturday the 28th. Expect great discussion, learn about exciting strategies and bring your passion, skills and ideas. 

As we look ahead, we know our work is cut out for us. Starting with a new administration in Washington and an even firmer grip on power in Madison by one party the challenges that presents are enormous and stand before us. But we are ready to tackle those challenges.

Our Co-op is growing and figuring out how we will operate and make the difference we want. 2017 should be an exciting time for us and the impact we can make.


Western Wisconsin

General Assembly of Membership 10AM January 28, 2017

Unity Christ Center, 1808 Folsom St. in Eau Claire

  1. Introductions & Overview – Joe Plouff, Steering Committee Chair

  1. Review and adoption of by-laws

  1. Review & adoption of steering committee “job description”

  1. Steering Committee terms split

  2. Steering Committee election

  1. Connect with Milwaukee Co-op via Skype

  1. Short presentation from Milwaukee-A Budget for Everyone

  2. Clip on Affordable Care Act replacement

  3. Live review from Milwaukee

  1. Review 2016 Accomplishments – Jeff

  1. Living Wage Ordinance – Nick Smiar

  2. Payday Lending

  3. Paid Family Medical Leave

  4. CAFO organizing -

  5. EPA hearing -

  6. Growth of our Co-op in 2016

  1. Where we are and Where we need to be.

  1. Member sponsor program

  2. Membership Building events (Friend builders)

  1. Current Projects or future actions we are prepared for

  1. Next Living Wage Ordinances – Andrew Werthman

  2. Water, water, water – Witnesses for Water – Joan P/Dick L

  3. Wisconsin State Budget battles - Jeff

  4. Healthcare for ALL – Liz Spencer/Dawn Garcia

  5. Earned Income Tax Credit -

  6. Public Education vs. Vouchers – Chris Hambuch-Boyle

  1. Review of Issue Teams & building our power/capacity

  1. Who are our issue leaders?

Environment – Eleanor/Sue Suechting/Terwilligers….

Economic Justice – Jack Connell/David Huber….

Election Fairness – Mike Brandt….

Public Education – Brenda/Gail/Chris/Gail/Betsy….

Communications – Joe/Terry/Steve….

  1. Connecting through social media

  1. Facebook

  2. Twitter

  3. Webpage

  4. Action Alert emails

10.What can you do?

A. Make calls

B. Plan events

C. Make signs

D. Lead a team/participate in an issue team

E. Mentor/Train volunteers

Citizen Action
Unity Christ Center
1808 Folsom St. Eau Claire, WI 54703