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Sen. Vinehout ~ What Can We Do to Protect Our Water?

What can we do to protect our water?” This is a question I am often asked. Many Wisconsin residents are concerned about protecting our precious natural resources, and much of the concern is focused on water quality.

This week we celebrate Earth Day. Forty-eight years ago, Wisconsin’s own Gaylord Nelson first gathered with 20 million Americans in support of environmental issues. Celebrating the earth means being mindful stewards of...


Holding online vote to raise up “People’s Champion”; take on Scott Walker’s agenda


MILWAUKEE -- The race for Wisconsin’s Democratic gubernatorial nomination is heating up and the field of candidates is full. The Wisconsin’s Choice campaign -- a joint project of Our Wisconsin Revolution and Wisconsin Working Families...

Serious State Tech Problems Need Public Scrutiny

Is the state of Wisconsin at risk for a cyber-attack? A new audit from the Legislative Audit Bureau (LAB) shed light on what may be vulnerabilities in the state’s Information Technology (IT) system that could affect every business, taxpayer, student or recipient of state services.

In some cases, problems are so serious that LAB auditors could not reveal details in fear of creating additional vulnerabilities for...


Winning Shea campaign outspent by Leadership MKE PAC nearly 10-1; pulls off upset

MILWAUKEE -- In a David vs. Goliath win, Steven Shea, a public educator and union activist, won the 8th District...

Wisconsin Becomes 15th State to Require Criminal Convictions to Forfeit Property, Under Flawed New Law

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed SB 61 today, a bill designed to reform the state’s civil forfeiture laws, which let the government permanently confiscate property without ever filing criminal charges. With the governor’s signature, Wisconsin becomes the...

Tony Evers - The Crisis of our Democracy

Tony Evers

As I travel across this state, meeting Wisconsinites of all ages and from all walks of life, I have never been more optimistic for our future.

From researchers at UW-Madison who are one step closer to finding a cure for cancer to family farmers who are using innovation, creativity and technology to change the course of small-scale agriculture in Wisconsin – I continue to be amazed by the strength, ingenuity and determination of our people.

We have a growing problem...

Remember to Vote on Tuesday


Wisconsin has two critical state-wide items on the ballot on Tuesday April 3.

We are having a very contentious Supreme Court race pitting two different candidates with very different styles against each other. Most voters are likely to make their decision based on the different beliefs the candidates have about whether the Constitution must be interpreted from the eyes of the founding fathers (Screnock) or that it is a living document (Dallet). The candidates of course...

Ron Johnson on Meet The Press today - Mueller was appointed too soon

Joining me now is Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. He's chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee. And he's fresh off a visit to Asia. Senator Johnson, welcome back to Meet the Press.

Happy Easter.

Happy Easter to you, as well. Let me start with a Eurasia country first, and then I want to get to China and North Korea, where you spent -- and that is the state of U.S -Russia relations. On one...

District Court of Appeals ALSO denies Walker request to delay elections

Today Judge Paul E. Reilly also refused to allow the state to delay calling for special elections in the two vacant legislature seats in the state. Governor Walker has been attempting to get a delay from the two previous rulings that require him to call special elections for the state so that the legislature would have time to pass a law changing the timing of special elections. At heart the issue is that the judges will not vacate a ruling based on a future law that may be...

LWV Wisconsin Opposition to AB947

March 28, 2018

To: Senate Committee on Elections and Utilities

Re: Opposition to AB 947 Senate Substitute Amendment 1




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