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Peggy West, meet Ron Johnson

When County Supervisor Peggy West forgot that Arizona bordered Mexico, it was with Bill O'Reilly and others roasting her.

And she got a lot of attention from the Journal Sentinel and Wisconsin media, too.

So, should we brace ourselves for similar treatment of Ron Johnson, the Senate candidate who doesn't know that New York state borders the Great Lakes?

Johnson is running a commercial trying to mislead people into thinking Russ Feingold supported Great Lakes oil drilling because he voted against a 2005 Dick Cheney-inspired energy bill that included a drilling ban.

Not only did Feingold vote against it, the commercial says, but adds:

That's right. Feingold was the only Great Lakes Senator to vote no.

Well, unless you count Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer, two New Yorkers who would be surprised to discover that New York is not one of the eight Great Lakes states.

You can even see their names on the roll call vote, above, pictured in Johnson's commercial.

The Chicago Tribune already has


July 15, 2010 - 6:50pm