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The Pabst Farms Mirage

I warned against Pabst Farms back in .
Another retail wonderland is the last thing Wisconsin needs to be
publicly-funding at this - or for that matter, any other - time. Such
subsidization merely realigns spending away from existing shopping
destinations toward the newer, shinier destination. A colossal waste of
public (and private) resources if there ever was one.

But wait a minute, things aren&;t going as planned.

I thought this was a slam-dunk economic development initiative?

One of those unstoppable catalysts that was necessary, creates jobs, and spurs further development.

So why can&;t the developers even sign ?

Maybe it has to do something with the duplicative, sprawling, inefficient, environmentally unsound, and bribery-laden path of our urban planning & . Sites compete for capital, subsidizing businesses to locate in less
than optimal locations. This increases productive inefficiency, whilst
hamstringing the unsubsidized competition. All this slows growth from
what it would be without the subsidization. It also decreases municipal
tax revenue which reduces the provision of public services (which are
crucial to quality of life indicators) and encourages labor force

I can only hope Obama&;s appointment of an can correct some of these deficiencies.


December 21, 2008 - 11:26am