Hating the troops or the war?

Joel McNally in the Shepherd Express, on last week's protest that damaged a recruiting office and set off a debate about tactics:

Many of the conservative talk shows tried to twist the attack on the Army recruiting center into an attack on U.S. soldiers.

Aha! Finally, they had proof that opponents of the war really hated our brave men and women in the military. Hardly.

Anything that even temporarily interrupts the business of an Army recruiting center has the potential to save the lives of soldiers.

The whole reason the Army recruiting office is located next to the campus is to prey on low-income students who desperately need money to complete their college educations.

All the talk from recruiters about providing free money for college is the most cynical bait-and-switch since the Bush administration took advantage of idealistic young Americans volunteering to defend their country after 9/11 by immediately sending them to war against a country that had nothing to do with that horrific event.

If you return home maimed and shattered before completing your military obligation, you don’t get the money. You don’t get it if you never return home either.

Read the whole column He has an interesting take on the whole thing.

Here's the he mentions.


March 29, 2007 - 11:08am