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One degree of separation

Tommy Thompson's likelihood of running for the Senate, which has been bouncing around every time someone writes about it, is up to 75%, the Daily Standard reports.

Funny how the number's always higher when it comes from someone besides Tommy himself, who put it at 50-50 recently.

Be that as it may, the Standard reports Tommy is taking steps to "separate himself from his business interests." To wit:

Late last week, Thompson resigned from the Board of Directors of CNS Response, Inc., a health care data company. Thompson said the resignation was for personal reasons. A statement from Thompson, who has agreed to become chairman of the CNS Response advisory board, read: "I have nothing but the highest respect for the management and Board of CNS Response, and look forward to helping them advance this important medical technology."

That's some separation, huh?

Tommy has refused repeatedly to reveal his list of clients, many of whom he services through Akin, Gump a major GOP law/lobbying firm in DC. Given the poll this week that showed 1% of people in Wisconsin have a positive opinion of DC lobbyists, Tommy has some explaining to do if he thinks he's going to run for office.

Time to let the sunshine in on who's paying him.


March 24, 2010 - 12:39pm