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Nuclear Engineering: UW-Madison and Wisconsin Energy Corp.

Today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel features , Chair of the Engineering Physics Dept. at the Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison. Corradini is writing in support of Wisconsin Energy Corp.  here in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin readers should know that the Engineering Physics Dept. includes the Nuclear Engineering program. What's more, Corradini is a and director of the , essentially a university-created nuclear power research and education organization that receives funding and other assistance, according to its website, from many pro-nuclear government and corporate sources, including the Dept. of Energy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Westinghouse Electric, and-- you knew it was coming-- Wisconsin Energy Corporation.

Corradini writes that "the intermittent nature" of wind and solar power make them impractical as replacements for nuclear power plants. What he neglects to say is that there is much promising work going on to achieve efficient storage of wind and solar generated electricity, including the and the .

The great expense and risk of nuclear power, the long-term dangers of its radioactive waste are not in the public interest nor the ecological interest, and yet our state-supported university is being used to help private, profit-oriented energy industries perpetuate a form of energy production that is no more cheap and clean than coal.


May 10, 2010 - 12:33pm