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Concealed carry, open carry and other recent lunacy

I paved a section of the road to hell with my good intentions this week, but did not get anything written about the latest outbreak of the concealed carry virus, which seems to have infected Milwaukee DA John Chisholm and Police Chief Ed Flynn.

The dynamic duo suggested they would be willing to trade concealed carry for other gun law reforms. In other words, at the same time we'd pass some laws that would save some lives, we'd put more guns on the street.

Terrible idea, for a lot of reasons. Wisconsin should be proud to be one of only two states with enough common sense and backbone to stand up to the gun lobby and ban concealed carry.

More on this next week, but in the meantime the Shepherd Express has come through in a double-barreled way today, with a column by Joel McNally, Shooting down guns laws, and an interview with author Joshua Horwitz on Using the 2nd Amendment to attack democracy. Both well worth a read.  Horwitz will be in Milwaukee Thursday night.  (So will McNally, I suppose, but he lives here,  Horwitz is coming for a fundraiser for the


October 21, 2009 - 6:44pm