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Wisconsin Native Cheerleads Afghanistan Escalation

A leading national cheerleader for escalation in Afghanistan is a Sussex, Wisconsin native Thomas Tradewell, Veterans of Foreign Wars' (VFW) National Commander.

Tradewell is on the bleeding edge of criticism that our military is leveling against its Democratic commander-in-chief.

From the Times report Monday (Bumiller): "Last week the national commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Thomas J. Tradewell Sr., gave voice to the concerns of those in the military when he issued a terse statement criticizing Mr. Obama’s review of Afghan war strategy. 'The extremists are sensing weakness and indecision within the U.S. government, which plays into their hands,' said Mr. Tradewell’s statement on behalf of his group, which represents 1.5 million former soldiers.

The rightwing Tradewell refuses to speak up when our veterans are continually lied to, and Tradewell and the VFW were dead-silent during the Bush years on the outright lies made in support of endless war, and on the crashing state of veterans' care.

Tradewell knows about as much about foreign policy as he does about veterans' advocacy: Nothing.

Writes Tom Barnes in Veterans Today on the Pentagon hawks for whom Tradewell carries water, "The problem is that they are not members of a Roman Legion."


October 21, 2009 - 8:22am