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Jeff Smith - Logic behind Healthcare

Senator Jeff Smith

We’ve been hearing a lot in the news lately about our health. Just last week, I found myself in many conversations with healthcare professionals talking about ways to improve the health of our community – and no, I’m not only talking about keeping our communities safe by preventing the spread of coronavirus.  


Coronavirus Update from the Dunn County Health Department

COVID-19 Stop the Spread of Germs

The Dunn County Health Department would like to remind you that currently there are no reported cases of COVID-19 in Dunn County, and only one case in the entire state.

Menomonie City Council Tackles Candidate Security Issues

Menomonie Logo

The major topic at the 3/2/2020 Menomonie City Council meeting was a discussion of possible security issues for the upcoming  This March 29th event will include a presidential candidate forum in advance of the Wisconsin presidential primary.on April 7th.

Jeff Smith - I’m Here, Ready to Listen

Senator Jeff Smith

I’ve always said that one of the best parts of my job is listening to others, whether it’s their stories, suggestions or questions. During this time of year, I regularly hear many of the same questions.


What happened? Where did the time go? Why didn’t things get done? What can we expect?


WisEye Morning Minute: Flu and Coronavirus in Wisconsin

WisEye Morning Minute: Flu and Coronavirus in Wisconsin

Newsmakers interview about Corona Virus in Wisconsin.

The Scientific Serendipity Of Wisconsin's First Novel Coronavirus Case

A serious new respiratory illness is gaining steam around the world, and epidemiologists, virologists and many other scientists are sprinting to learn as much as they can about it as quickly as possible.

Menomonie School Board Meeting 2/24/2020 - Students Speaking to School Board and Sustainable Energy

School District Logo

Menomonie School Board Special Meeting 2/24/2020

This meeting had two contentious topics, particularly involving a discussion brought up by board member Chris Freeman about several LGBT+ students who spoke to the school board in October 2019.

Jeff Smith - Policy Making by the People, for the People

Senator Jeff Smith

Before a bill becomes a law, a process exists to ensure policymakers develop the most effective policy proposal, and with good reason. Decisions made on the state level influence the way folks work and live in all corners of the state.  Legislation should be a product of the conversations policymakers have with the stakeholders who will be impacted.


Conservation Voters - Assembly attempts to provide political cover while constituents suffer the consequences

Playing politics with PFAS crisis is cowardly

MADISON – In a return to late night, last-minute tactics just before the end of the Assembly’s session, GOP legislators hastily wrote and passed a pitiful amendment to an already inadequate bill and are now claiming it as a victory over potentially deadly PFAS pollution.

Dairyland Forum to Draw Presidential Candidates to Dunn County

Rally Information

The national spotlight is turning to Wisconsin as a pivotal state in the 2020 presidential election. The rural vote in swing states like Wisconsin will be particularly crucial to a presidential win. A coalition of farm and civic groups hopes to use that opportunity to highlight the impacts of monopoly power in the agriculture and food sectors and to elevate the issues that matter to rural America.

Jeff Smith - Cutting Taxes by Supporting Schools

Sen. Jeff Smith

Every other January the Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB), a nonpartisan agency, reviews Wisconsin’s general fund and projects an economic forecast for the state. Recently the LFB reported an expected $450 million surplus by the end of this biennium, on June 30, 2021.The question now is what do we do with that surplus? 


Conservation Voters - Assembly passes inadequate Water Quality Task Force recommendations

Package also contains ‘poison pill’ designed to give polluters undue influence in water policymaking 

MADISON – The Wisconsin Legislature will pass 13 water-related bills today, all of which – either alone or combined – are inadequate for addressing the state’s water quality crisis.

Even worse, the package includes an anti-clean water bill that threatens to sabotage any progress the other bills might create. 

Podcast Episode 1

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Episode 1 of our podcast, So - That Happened is now live. We're still working through a few technical issues, particularly since some of this podcast was recorded in noisy places. 

In this episode we explore citizen activists in the Chippewa Valley who are making a difference through their actions. I went on a bus trip to Madison with the Wisconsin Conservation Voters as they lobbied with their state Senators to pass legislation to protect water in Wisconsin.  I also spoke to Chris Hambuch-Boyle about her efforts to support our public schools for Public Schools Week along with the Wisconsin Public Education Network.

The Big Voting Page

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It's voting time in Wisconsin, with a major state-wide Supreme Court Primary taking place on Tuesday the 18th. Three candidates are running for Supreme Court on Tuesday. Two of the candidates are nominally being supported by progressives in the state - Jill Karofsky and Ed Fallone.

Menomonie School District Announces Bullying Statement

SDMA Value Statement on Bullying

Menomonie School Board President Amy Riddle-Swanson reads a new anti-bullying statement from the School District of the Menomonie Area.

Valentine's Day with Jack and the Gang

Jack Benny Program Valentines Day 1942

It's Valentine's Day - for many of you that means romance, but for people who love Old Time Radio, it's also Jack Benny's birthday. In that spirit, I'd like to share a Valentine's Day Jack Benny Program, featuring Jack's continual efforts to get a date, some WWII references, and the inimitable vocal stylings of Rochester Van Jones. And as always, Jack is trying to get people to see one of his movies - this time it's Charlie's Aunt.