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Another Massive Cyberattack hits

Reports are coming in of a massive cyberattack happening throughout the Ukraine and other countries. Recent reports indicate that it has spread to England and may well be ready to wander across the ocean to the US.  This is reportedly a new ransomware attack, and appears to be a variant of the previously-known Petya ransomware. Take care.

Fight for Fair Maps in Eau Claire

Redistricting Reform Meeting Eau Claire

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case on Gerrymandering in Wisconsin, and the latest news is that the case will be heard in early October. A meeting was held in Eau Claire last week in which Sachin Cheda (heading up the lawsuit) and Wendy Sue Johnson (one of the plaintiffs) did a presentation about fair maps in Wisconsin, the lawsuit, and what people can do to promote fair maps in the state. 

The Penokees Are A Geologic Gem

In a state where the landscape tends towards low-lying swamps, flat fields and rolling hills, northern Wisconsin's Penokee Range of mountains are a dramatic outlier. Though their elevation is relatively modest — the Penokees are often just called hills — the range stands out. Billions of years of geologic processes, a cataclysmic meteor impact and changes in Earth's atmosphere all contributed to shaping a land with striking visual and physical properties.

Senate Health Care Bill has been released

As expected, the Senate version of the Republican Health Care Bill has been released. It is 142 pages long, so I have not yet had time to read it, but there is a summary at the Senate Budget website - the link is included. Note that the summary is written in Republican Happyspeak so that it sounds wonderful - like it will fix our healthcare problems, save you all a lot of money, and include a free trip to Disneyland for everyone.

Lawmakers say GOP reining in DNR scientists who rebelled on climate change

Deep in Gov. Scott Walker’s budget proposal is a seemingly benign item formalizing the transfer of 15 scientists within the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Two years ago, Walker and lawmakers enacted a budget that cut 18 DNR science service bureau researchers amid complaints that their research related to climate change, pollution and wildlife habitat were controversial and unneeded.

Sustain Rural Wisconsin Network calls for moratorium on CAFO approval in the state.

Wisconsin citizens’ right to clean water, clean air and a good quality of life is endangered by water pollution frequently caused by agriculture. Wisconsin’s industrial agriculture industry generates more manure than crops can safely use as fertilizer leading to excess phosphorus and nitrate levels in the soil and groundwater. As a result, our local streams, lakes, and waterways are quickly becoming damaged beyond repair.

Sierra Club releases CAFO report

CAFO release Meeting

John Muir Sierra Club releases paper on CAFO's and water quality

The Sierra Club released a status paper on CAFO's and water quality in Wisconsin at a release meeting in Menomonie on June 14. We attended the meeting and bring you both the paper and a video of the entire meeting where several concerned citizens testified about the issues of groundwater contamination from CAFO's, the status of some of the CAFO approvals in the state, and the lack of enforcement on the part of the DNR.

The Costs Of Taking Broadband The Extra Mile In Wisconsin

As Wisconsin struggles to grow private-sector jobs, there is potential to expand telecommuting work outside urbanized areas of the state by improving broadband connections.

Will Wisconsin’s Future Children Receive an Equal Education?

BySenator Kathleen Vinehout Progress with the state budget is at a standoff in the Capitol. Behind closed doors, leaders are talking details and trying to find votes. Openly, legislative leaders point to a lack of agreement on public education. They say no progress can happen until they round up necessary votes for the education portion of the budget. Privately, some GOP lawmakers are also angling to spend money on a big change to business personal property taxes.


Hudson City Council June 5, 2017

Frac sand mining, processing, and trans-load still pose major issues in Wisconsin.On June 5, the Hudson, WI City Council heard testimony from citizens and others about processing sand.


Henry Boschen from Chippewa Falls has been viewing a number of frac sand mines and processing plants with his drone and camera. Take a look at the size and scope of these mines and processing plants in the State of WI. 

Paul Ryan Says ‘Death Tax' Hurts Wisconsin Small Businesses. IRS Data Shows Otherwise

Paul Ryan

by Cezary Podkul ProPublica, June 7, 2017, 3:21 p.m.

Does the estate tax really hurt small businesses? House Speaker Paul Ryan thinks so.

Title Drops!

Title Drops

I thought you might enjoy this on a warm spring day - 150 clips from films where the title of the film is mentioned. From the editor:

Fresh new month, fresh new montage. Been a while folks. I've gathered many more followers. A big thanks to all you people. Shouldn't be this long a wait for the next montage. I have quite a few going on and this was the one I deemed finished first.

How Discoveries And Accidents Led To Winemaking In Wisconsin

Wisconsin's wine industry is modest in scale, but has roots as old as the state itself. A Hungarian immigrant named Agoston Haraszthy planted the state's first vineyard in 1846 on the east bank of the Wisconsin River and founded the community that would become Sauk City.

Frac Sand Sentinel June 6, 2017

Dear FRAC SAND SENTINEL READERS, From as early as breakfast time to as late as your midnight snack, food is an integral part of our lives. As much as clean air and water are necessary for healthy lives, safe and clean food is just as important.

Media Release: Great Lakes Conservation Groups Launch Video Series on Impact of Asian Carp

What Would Be Lost If Asian Carp Invade The Great Lakes? Ep. 1

National Wildlife Federation | Prairie Rivers Network | Michigan United Conservation Clubs


Media Release

Contact: Drew YoungeDyke, National Wildlife Federation, , 734-887-7119

Great Lakes Conservation Groups Launch Video Series on Impact of Asian CarpShort films ask “What Will Be Lost if Asian Carp Invade the Great Lakes?”

Greater Chippewa Valley League of Women Voters forum on Gerrymandering

Gerrymandering/Redistricting meeting - Chippewa Valley League of Women Voters

This is the first forum sponsored by the recently-rebooted Chippewa Valley League of Women Voters chapter. This session is a presenation by Andrea Kaminski, Executive Director of the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin, and Jay Heck, Executive Director of Common Cause. The session was followed by a lively Q&A session. There were over 75 in attendance at the meeting, which is a great start for the local chapter.

AUDIT: WEDC Cannot Be Certain of Any Jobs Created or Retained

BySenator Kathleen Vinehout Our state spends a great deal of money on economic development.