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Jeff Smith - Listening with an Open Heart

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The GOP's shrinking junior varsity team has no clue what to do about abortion

GOP Debate by Rick McKee, CagleCartoons.com
November 10, 2023

Unlike you, dear reader – who’d prefer to boil your eyeballs than watch another Republican “presidential” debate – I dutifully endured Wednesday night’s farce-a-thon, patiently waiting for the GOP’s shrinking junior varsity to address the most timely political issue plaguing the party: Abortion.

Jeff Smith - Eat your (local) vegetables

November 8, 2023

Wisconsin’s proud agricultural history has been a part of our identity as a state for centuries, and it will remain an integral part of our state’s future. As a State Senator who represents farmers and agricultural producers across much of western Wisconsin, I’m delighted to join my colleagues in supporting legislation designed to boost our agriculture industry.

Presidential Payback

PRESIDENTIAL PAYBACK by Randall Enos, Easton, CT
November 7, 2023

For 65 years Randall Enos has done cartoons and illustrations for TV, movies, books, comic strips, magazines, newspapers, posters and the like.
Clients have included NBC, The New York Times, The National Lampoon, Playboy, Time, Rolling Stone and many more.

To save money?

To Save Money? by Pat Byrnes, PoliticalCartoons.com
November 5, 2023

Pat Byrnes is a long-time cartoonist for The New Yorker, illustrator, humorist, and winner of the National Cartoonist Society’s Silver Reuben. Previous careers include voice actor, ad copywriter, and aerospace engineer.

Free from big government

Free From Big Government by Monte Wolverton, Battle Ground, WA
October 30, 2023

Monte Wolverton is best known as a contributor to MAD Magazine and son of Mad great Basil Wolverton. He is also the editor of The Plain Truth. magazine. He draws two editorial cartoons per week and is syndicated to newspapers around the world by Cagle Cartoons.

'Witch Hunt' Update

witch hunt cartoon
October 27, 2023

John Cole is a freelancer who draws for:
Tennessee Lookout, tennesseelookout.com
Pennsylvania Capital-Star, PennCapital-Star.com
The Pilot, Southern Pines, NC, thepilot.com
NC Policy Watch, ncpolicywatch.com
Virginia Mercury, virginiamercury.com

John is syndicated by CagleCartoons.com

One by one they fall

One by one they fall by Guy Parsons, PoliticalCartoons.com
October 24, 2023

Guy is a cartoonist, designer and illustrator. He has won a bunch of awards for illustration. His work has appeared in Sports Illustrated, the Globe and Mail and the Calgary Herald.

A gagged Trump doesn't mean a silent Trump

cartooon -- narrow gag order
October 21, 2023

The judge in Donald Trump’s most important criminal trial has put a muzzle on the mad dog. It’s about time.

Granted, free speech is a sacred right in this country, guaranteed by the First Amendment. But the right to publicly say whatever we want – to even lie with impunity – is not deemed cool by the courts in all circumstances.

Innocent Victims

October 21, 2023

After 31 years as the cartoonist for Nebraska's largest newspaper, Jeff suddenly found himself laid off. So he greatly appreciates the support of fans to keep drawing. Jeff's brilliant and moderate editorial cartoons are syndicated around the world and his original drawings have also flown aboard space shuttle Discovery. He's given Ted talks and is the lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter for the Prairie Cats, a swing and jump-blues band that has performed around the U.S.

Jeff Smith - Listening with an Open Heart

October 18, 2023

Fall is here – one of the most beautiful times of year in Wisconsin. If you choose the right day and take a drive through western Wisconsin, the colors are spectacular. Beautiful as they are, they don’t last long while days grow shorter and the temperature gets colder.