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New Report: The Price of Wisconsin's Imported Coal

The Union of Concerned Scientistson just how dependent Wisconsin and many other states are on imported coal.

As a state, we pay $853 million annually, and that does not include the amount for the coal to fuel WE Energies' new Oak Creek coal plants. WE Energies spent $313 million for coal in 2008, the most of any utility in the state.

Wisconsin ranks 5th for the amount of coal we use as a percentage of our power: 68%.

The money leaves, while much of the pollution hangs around in our air and water.

The scientists suggest we spend our money on reducing our electricity use by at least 1% per year. The best states have learned to conserve 2% annually. We can also increase our meager clean power percentage goals.


May 19, 2010 - 7:50am