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Neumann schools Walker on Math 101

Almost missed this one, the latest round in what is becoming a slugfest for the Republican nomination for governor.

Recap:  Mark Neumann says Scott Walker is a bigger spender than Jim Doyle.  Walker says Neumann's mother wears tennis shoes, and "Neumann apparently needs to go back to school and do a little more math here." 

Bad move for Walker, who's been trying to make it sound like he's a Marquette graduate when he's actually a dropout with no degree.

Neumann's campaign rose to the occasion:

“This is the first time I’m aware Scott Walker has ever trashed someone else’s education background. He’s getting awfully defensive over his own budgets.

“But let me help him. Math 101: subtraction. First take the last budget Walker proposed—$1.48 billion—and then subtract the first budget he proposed—$1.1 billion. That equals $380 million.

“Math 201: division. Divide $380 million by $1.1 billion. That’s 35%. That means Walker’s increased spending by 35%.

“Repeat for Governor Doyle. He increased spending by 27%.

“Now this is easy. 35 (Walker’s spending growth) is a bigger number than 27 (Doyle’s spending growth). That means

Walker increased spending faster than Doyle.

“Spending more than the Democrat Governor won’t win you a Republican primary. That’s politics 101.”

“If Scott Walker had graduated from Mark Neumann’s class, he would know all this too.”


June 4, 2010 - 11:41am