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Neumann OK with birth control; don't tell the missus

Despite his endorsement by the at Pro Life Wisconsin, who oppose all abortions and all birth control, Mark Neumann says he does not oppose birth control. Who says he's not forward thinking? Welcome to the 20th Century, Mark. (Or the 19th, at least.)

Says Neumann:

“I do not agree with them on that issue. When it comes to birth control, obviously that’s something – I’d have two dozen children by now.

Not bad, even a little humor. But he should have quit when he was ahead. Instead, he continued:

Neumann, with his wife, Sue, by his side, spoke to reporters after turning in his signatures to get on the ballot. After making the comment, he joked, “If you’re going down that line, I’m going to ask my wife to leave.”

Sue apparently has no clue why they don't have two dozen children by now.

Still, Neumann gets much higher marks that Scott Walker, who pretended he practically didn't know what birth control was when reporters asked him the question. 

Neumann, Walker and Pro Life Wisconsin all are in agreement, however, that a 14-year-old raped and impregnated by a relative should be forced to give birth even if it endangers her life.  No argument there.

(Illustration represents a condom, not Neumann, although there is admittedly some resemblance.)


July 10, 2010 - 3:52pm