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Netroots Wisconsin, Care2

Two brief site notes -

The Netroots Wisconsin conference is a regional conference of Netroots Nation.  Come to participate in promoting the Cheddarsphere, meet netroots from around the state, and learn how to communicate more effectively wth the Internet.  This is a first year conference, and I'd really like to see it be a success.  Admission prices go up by $10 on Sunday, so if you're interested in coming on Sept. 25, you can save some cash by

Second -- You'll note that the site now has some actions from Care2 sprinkled around it,  These are effective ways for you to make your voice heard, and to participate in actions around the country. Itt's also a way for you to support Uppity Wisconsin by signing up for these actions. Take a look.  They're at the bottom of all of the content on the site currently (that may move with an upcoming site redesign). 


July 30, 2010 - 11:13am