Nazis- 60/Protesters-800

Hey, Our team won!

800 to 60 is a great ratio and I think that we should cheer on those 800 folks that reminded the members of the National Socialist Movement that we kicked their brethren outta a few European places 60 years ago. This great battle was fought on the steps of the State Capitol on Saturday with around 300 Police and the State Patrol as referees, and between the 2pm and 4pm time frame reserved by the losers. The Nazis made 'you stink' gestures at the protestors were loud enough to drown out a majority of the speakers. And, as should be at the end of all great battles we should review the "tapes" and look at the errors; both sides made a few.

Let's start with winner, shall we? I am a bit concerned about the content of the meeting that the protestors drowned out. Did any of the protestors HEAR any of the content? Because they may have gotten a heads up. While our team was hollering, several TV stations and newspapers were interviewing a Nazi or two. Seems that these guys are going to recreate a little shell game their fore-members played called 'Let's Get Elected'.

Basically this game is played by finding some rather respectable members of their party and stick them on ballots all over several states and even try for the 2008 Presidential bid. However, most of the protesters were too busy yelling and using vulgar language to hear any of this information. Now, how many of those same folks will know the names of some of the men that are going to be thrown onto the ballots. Hmmm...

That brings me to the next mistake. Vulgar words and middle fingers. Now, I really dislike Nazi's as well as anyone, and I was considering some of the same words and motions. Yet, when we the people behave like rowdy high school dropouts and the Nazi's behave in an orderly fashion, who looks better to some impressionable kid? The purpose of this rally is not to send a message to you, but to all the young white boys that are naturally angry at the world during their teen years.

We need to understand that the original Nazi's in Germany used the chaos around them, the frustration of male puberty and the dehumanization of the Jewish people to gain power. Today, we have alot of angry young men who are convicned that they will be with out work and these guys were purposing shooting Mexicans at the border.. On to the Nazi's... First mistake.. You guys are really ignorant to what the truths of life are. But, that was a given, so on to bigger and better things.

Just a note here, guys; you are supposed to be a workers party, party of the 'Volk' and al that. Ya shoulda done yer rally NEXT weekend, after all, that's Labor Day. Hmmm, I suppose that you were too busy worrying about all those dangerous Mexicans that work all those crappy jobs that you would never think of doing cause you need time in your day to press your Swastika arm bands.

Oh, that brings me to the next mistake, you should never wear any kinda emblem that represents many nations of many colors if you want only white people to exist. Oh and you probably shouldn't wear anything that looks more ridiculous than 9 guys dressed in huge pink bunny suits. And I think that those 9 guys proved that point on Saturday, you know, standing 50 yards away from you and your ill-fitting brown shirts and really tacky wool shorts. But, the most important mistake is your hate and fear. Hate will never solve anything. Fear does not feed the hungry, house the homeless nor will it heal the sick. And all attempts you make to take votes from candidates that we need on the ballots will just delay the real change that real people are trying to bring to Wisconsin and the nation. But, the facts still stand, we won! The battle rages on... but be careful folks... The boys in brown have a new battle plan and they want to fight it on you ballot card.


August 28, 2006 - 4:36pm