More Tacky Right Wing Talk Radio Slimes The Milwaukee Airwaves

WTMJ-AM 620 rightwing talker and blogger Jessica McBride stages a fake interview with one of her frequent targets - - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel local columnist Eugene Kane - - and supplies chicken squawking sound effects as Kane's answers, since he didn't accept the interview invitation.

Editor's Note - Sadly, the laugh-a-minute interview has been pulled from McBride's blog - as if it never existed. Must be one of those attorney general memories that they use for their database.

No surprise there, as McBride says the idea behind the kind of interview she wanted to do with Kane is to hammer a liberal on the air, so what, from the 'guest's' point of view, would be the point?

Here's the site, with the - - and it seems as if you going to hear another harmless political radio rip...except that McBride uses those comedic sound effects for 'Kane's' answer to a question about the recent, horrific Jasmine Owens murder.

Jasmine is the little girl shot in the head in a Milwaukee drive-by crime, so the question is: is the murder of a child, and an earlier murder McBride sets up in a similar way, fair game for entertainment radio programming?

Would Jasmine's mother enjoy hearing her child's name bandied around on a radio program?

Would Jasmine's mother enjoy hearing the host yuk it up with the producer who collaborated on the scheme about what a clever bit it was?

Note: Find the Kane item on her blog this point.

TUESDAY, May 15, 2007, 11:32 p.m.

The item is also on her podcast list on the right index.

I've also posted a number of times on another blog - - - - when other Milwaukee talkers put really offensive materials on the air.


May 17, 2007 - 5:27pm