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Cory Tomczyk wages war on small media outlet

August 18, 2023

by Bill Lueders, Wisconsin Examiner
August 17, 2023

This is not a great time to be a newspaper. Besides continually meager, often plunging readership and ad revenues, there’s the fact that some people would like nothing more than to shut you down as a way to shut you up.

Dunn County Infohub launches

Dunn County Infohub Screen Shot
August 2, 2023

A group of concerned citizens in Dunn County has been addressing the quick disappearance of local news. This working group of people has been meeting for months and is working on several projects to help the situation.

Misinformation, Disinformation: A guide to sorting fiction from reality

Information disorder has proliferated on social media. But there are ways to inoculate yourself from misinformation and disinformation. (Amena Saleh / Wisconsin Watch)
July 20, 2023
Click to read highlights from the story:
  • Information disorder takes many forms but can be broken down into three categories: misinformation, disinformation and malinformation.
  • Human emotions and worldview make people susceptible to believing and spreading misinformation.
  • People should maintain a healthy media diet with an ever-evolving collection of various sources for local, state and national news, as well as specialized publications for topics like economics or technology.
  • This report is the first in a series from Wisconsin Watch disinformation reporter Phoebe Petrovic done in partnership with the Capital Times, UW-Madison and the National Science Foundation.