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Great on-line media about Racine County - and nice people too. Support them, independent journalism needs homes.  This is one of them.

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;">Visioning A Greater RacineRacine County Eye is a news website that delivers timely and up-to-date news for residents of eastern Racine County.

Veteran journalists Denise Lockwood and Heather Asiyanbi started the site in January 2014 with the vision of helping to fill a gap in news coverage left by traditional news sources. In November 2016, Denise Lockwood became the sole owner of the site.

We believe that a strong online local news presence helps build strong communities. That’s why we don’t charge for our news. We cover issues in local and state government, crime, business, and local events.

Do you have a news tip? Send us an email at racinecountyeye@gmail.com.

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