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Adios Breaking News

December 20, 2016 - 12:39pm

I am sad to say that NBC has decided to shut down Breaking News. I have come to rely on the Breaking News service to push important news updates to my cell phone, and have been overjoyed to have a service that actually gets the news first, gets it right (almost always) and actually has some normal sense of what "news" actually is. No breaking Kim Kardashian stories, no fake news, no partisan garbage of any type - just quick response to breaking news stories. I've also found it tremendously helpful to be able to aggregate their stories in to web sites I have built - including this one. Sadly, this will all come to an end on New Year's Eve. I wish NBC had been able to find a way to make this service more economically viable - I would have happily paid a little every year for a subscription. It was great for the several years that it lasted.

By the way, if you're sitting on a pile of cash and care about the news, the editors there are looking for jobs.

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