McBride foil Kevin Barrett offers a rematch

, the fruitcake Jessica McBride helped make famous (or infamous) by hosting him and airing his Sept. 11 conspiracy theories on her radio show, wants to reciprocate.

, whom McBride tried to get fired from his one-semester University of Wisconsin lecturer job:

Irony upon irony: I am now over-employed as--of all things--a conservative talk show host... I have three different shows on three national networks: Genesis Communications, Republic Broadcasting, and We the People Radio Network.

Hey Jessica--want to be a guest on one of my shows? We can argue about who are the real conservatives--limited-government advocates like Ron Paul, or the neo-nazis who seized power in the 9/11 coup d'etat and proceeded to spend this nation into moral as well as financial bankruptcy.

This is your one chance to be on the radio, Jessica. Better take advantage of it. Take it from me: You never know how your life might suddenly change for the better, just for accepting an invitation from a conservative talk show host.

If she doesn't accept, will he use chicken sound effects in her place?

By the way, is now up on WisOpinion.Com.


May 25, 2007 - 4:01pm