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Madison Small Businesses Support Employee Free Choice

On Wednesday, South Central Federation of Labor President Jim Cavanaugh moderated a discussion among Madison area small business owners and managers.  The panel came to together to voice their support for the Employee Free Choice Act.

For additional video and photos from this discussion visit:

Dardanelles Restaurant hosted the event.  In the attached video, Owner Barbara Wright explains the potential economic benefits for her industry and the larger economy if the Employee Free Choice Act becomes law.

Operating Manager Chris Vinson says having a union has helped his print shop stay in business for over fifty years.  In his video, Vinson describes how having a union has enhanced labor/management relationships at Wells Printing.

“Because my workers are part of a union, I am able to fund their pensions at a level which will provide a high standard of living in retirement,” says Larry Statz, Owner of Statz Painting and Decorating.  Statz also stated that the training provided through the union helps him maintain a competitive advantage.

Lindsey Lee, Owner of Ground Zero and Cargo Coffee, is fed up with law firms trying to make a quick dollar by feeding small business fears about Employee Free Choice.   He sees the growing in equality between working people and CEOs in this country as the real threat to the small business community.

Wisconsin Public Radio, Workers Independent News, and the Labor Paper showed up to cover Madison small businesses in support of the Employee Free Choice Act.  The event was also mentioned on NBC channel 15 in Madison.

Across the country, small business owners are going against the Chamber of Commerce and calling on Congress to support the Employee Free Choice Act.  Seth Michaels at the national AFL-CIO has been following this trend over the past several weeks:

And lest we forget, Milwaukee was one of the first cities in the nation where businesses gathered to express support for Employee Free Choice and sensible labor law reform:



May 8, 2009 - 1:15pm