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Since you have signed up to the Local Food section on Wis.community, I thought I should welcome you all and set up an initial discussion. You can take part in a particular topic that is already open by just replying via email to the discussion post (you'll see in the email that it tells you how to reply) or you can, of course, log into the site and participate there as well.

New discussion topics need to get created on the web site, or we open ourselves up to a world of hurt in the spam world.  I'm in the process of doing a few more videos on how to create discussions,  etc. on the site, but for now you can just log in to https://wis.community, go to the local food page, and hover over the create button at the bottom of the page - one of the things in there wil be "local food discussion post" - if you create a discussion post there it will automatically be mailed out to all of the members of the community.

I am looking forward to ideas and suggestions as we go along .


Steve Hanson

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