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Scientists At UW-Stout Discover New Honeybee Disease

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Stout have discovered new bacteria that could play a role in the death of honeybees during winter months.

52 Bakery

Bakery 52 baked goods

I recently stopped in to the Kristkindlmarkt at Lazy Monk Brewery which was great fun, and I congratulate Lazy Monk for pulling off such a great and fun event. Note that there's one more this Saturday, Dec. 17th. 

One of the great things that happened there was that I got a chance to sample and buy baked goods from 52 Bakery. I had heard of them before, but had never bought any of their bread. All of the food looked great, and I had  a chance to buy a loaf of fennel and fruit bread, which we have been enjoying for days now for breakfasts. They make great real bread, and scones, etc. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for great baked goods in the Chippewa Valley. They are currently serving up their wares at the Winter Markets in Menomonie and Eau Claire.

The Rise Of Apple Clubs And Trademark Varieties Of Fruit

UW-Extension - reprinted by permission from WisContext

The assortment of apples available to choose from at orchards, farm stands and grocery stores can seem daunting. The number of apples available to choose from at orchards, farm stands and grocery stores can seem daunting. New varieties with catchy names are unfamiliar compared to the traditional Red Delicious and Cortlands shoppers are used to finding every fall, and differ as well from the antique apples that are increasingly available. In many cases, though, the most substantial differences are related to marketing and intellectual property rights, rather than the look and flavor of the fruit.

Apples are one of the few produce items marketed by cultivar name — consumers will pay more for particular varieties that offers better taste, color and flavor. The nature of this market has been proven by the outstanding success of Honeycrisp apples. As a result, new apple varieties are patented, trademarked and marketed similarly to any other managed brand.