Last Supreme Court Battle Breaks All Spending Records (and then some)

As if we didn't know this, according to a recent the spending in the last Supreme Court election in Wisconsin not only was larger than in any previous election, but was astoundingly more than in any previous election.

Groups that made independent expenditures, which must be disclosed,
spent $99,748 but far more was secretly raised and spent – an estimated
$3 million – by phony issue ad groups. Leading the phony issue ad
groups was the state’s largest business group, the Wisconsin
Manufacturers and Commerce which spent an estimated $2.2 million. WMC
spent most of its money on mostly negative television advertising to
support Ziegler and smear Clifford and the rest on prerecorded calls
and oversized glossy postcards.

Oh yes - those oversized postcards.  By the time the election rolled around I'd pretty much filled up our kitchen wastebasket with them and was considering starting a special Annette Ziegler compost pile out of them.



July 24, 2007 - 10:10am