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Klauser's new sweet and gentle GOP

Joel McNally writes in the Shepherd Express on the new, improved Republican Party, which apparently has disavowed any negativity. Its new motto, ala Jiminy Cricket, is "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all."

McNally is rightly amused by Jim Klauser's horror at Mark Neumann saying something negative about fellow Repub Scott Walker:

Klauser’s surprise at learning Neumann would run a negative campaign ranks right up there with Casablanca Police Captain Renault’s famous quote about being “shocked, shocked” to learn gambling was going on in Rick’s Cafe.

Even worse, Neumann negatively points out that although Walker makes a show of submitting a no-tax-increase budget every year, taxes have continued to go up every year but one since he’s been county executive.

That’s pretty mild when it comes to negative Republican campaigning. It doesn’t even include any lying or name-calling or signs with Walker made up to resemble Adolf Hitler.

But this fall we’re all looking forward to the brand-new, positive Republican Party that doesn’t try to mislead voters or knock down the other fellow.

Good stuff. But McNally doesn't even mention that Klauser, besides being Tommy Thompson's brain when TT was governor, also was the chairman of Thompson's slash and burn, take no prisoners campaigns against the likes of Tom Loftus, Chuck Chvala, and Ed Garvey, none of whom were ever even really a threat.

The Thompson campaign, with a big lead and a huge cash advantage, still savaged the hapless Dems on television.

We're all used to duplicity in politics, but Klauser should get an award.


June 16, 2010 - 8:11pm