Kapanke and the Vernon County CAFO

There has been much public outcry and last minute action by county committees on the entry of the swine industry into Vernon County Wisconsin. A 999 animal unit swine operation is in the process of getting approval in the area of Retreat, WI. At one public meeting our State Senator Dan Kapanke made these statements about our loss of home rule (from: Vernon County )

Anita Zibton asked State Senator Dan Kapanke about state regulations that seem to prevent local units of government from controlling operations like the one being proposed. Kapanke said the state animal siting regulations in DATCP 51 were developed with many public hearings that took into account many points of view.

"Everybody had a say," Kapanke said. "The whole idea behind the agriculture siting rule is to grow agriculture in Wisconsin. We are an agriculture state. If someone like Jeff wants to put in hog or dairy or chicken operation there are rules and regulations that apply, that are very strict by the way. If they follow the rules as stated, they can do it, and Jeff is doing that."

And yet points out a different story in Manitowoc (covered by the ). A story of a DNR unable to act, unwilling to study the situation and in this case a large dairy getting away with polluting Lake Michigan.

So much for "very strict" regulations--by the way.


July 23, 2007 - 10:48pm