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Some of you are probably wondering what's up with that little Kachingle medallion on the right of the page.  And if you aren't wondering, I'm going to tell you anyway.

Uppity Wisconsin will be four years old in about 2 weeks.  Through that entire period, everything about the site has been paid for by myself and a (very) few generous contributors.  No big foundation here, no big political donations, no lobbyists.  Mostly just me and a couple of donors, most of whom are people who blog here. 

Gist of it is, I've been looking at the ol' corporate checkbook a lot lately and realized that if Uppity Wisconsin is going to exist into a fifth year, something has to change.  So we're giving you a chance to help.

Kachingle is a brand new system for people to help pay for the web sites they read.  It's voluntary.  It's simple.  You may be familiar with the plan that Bob Machesney and John Nichols have been talking up, where they want us all to have a government subsidy that we can  spend on media any way we want? (and if you care about journalism at all you should

This is like that, but not government subsidized.  You can set up a Kachingle account, and put in $5 per month from your credit card.  Then go to the Kachingle-supported sites that you normally read, and click on the Kachingle medallion.  Your $5 will be split up among the different sites you choose to support every month.  If you'd like Uppity Wisconsin to continue to exist, I'd like to ask you to either support us with a one-time donation on-line, or to become a Kachingle subscriber and send us a little money every month. 



March 2, 2010 - 9:24am