Iraq War Decisions: To grow or get out now


"Bring Our Troops Home Now" has made the news lately in Wisconsin's Kickapoo Valley. On August 29, 2006 the Viroqua City Council acted on a petition for "direct Legislation" that had been circulated by local citizens stating "Resolved: The United States should bring all military personnel home from Iraq now." Because the council did not support the resolution it will go on the November ballot as a referendum. Boscobel will also be voting on this issue in November, passed a similar referendum last April. Pretty radical stuff for this corner of the state.

All this in light of the Bush administration's recent of troop increases, despite the security indicating that the war in Iraq is fueling the jihad cells and activities worldwide.

More links and information about Kickapoo Valley area efforts below the fold...

The Kickapoo Valley is not new to peace activism. In the run-up to the Iraq war the "Kickapoo Peace Circle" financed a billboard that promoted the idea of

The new Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) website features a section on this program and a picture of this that was up for a month between Viroqua and Westby. More recently SMART security has been to the congress.

Presently, the activists who circulated the "Bring Our Troops Home Now" petition are part of a larger grassroots effort called the This group is organized with no paid staff. The board and committees that do their work are derived from the the goal of immediate withdrawl of US troops from Iraq. This last Monday there was a rally at Senator Kohl's office in LaCrosse--details are Several activists, one an 85 year old woman, who remained at the office after being asked to leave were

In Wisconsin the Network for Peace and Justice has been a central figure in getting the issue before the public. This shows where these efforts have been voted up/down last election and where votes will take place this November. The map visually captures the wide ranging interest in this issue across the state. organization met at a candlelight vigil for peace and now has managed to get a referendum on their ballot.

And yet, the assessment of US intelligence agencies is reported in Sunday's


America's spy agencies have concluded that the invasion of Iraq has created a flood of new Islamic terrorists and increased the danger to US interests to a higher level than at any time since the 9/11 attacks.

This grim assessment is provided in a classified intelligence document called the National Intelligence Estimate, large parts of which have been leaked to the New York Times. The report is the largest US intelligence survey of the global terror threat carried out since the invasion of Iraq in March 2003.

Its conclusion will surprise few critics of the Iraq war or US policy against terrorism. It is, however, a sharp contrast to the message often coming out of the White House and provides a far more harrowing assessment of terrorism than a congressional report published last week.

The White House and senior Republicans often say their tough line has made America safer over the past five years. This report indicates that America's spymasters disagree with that opinion...

At this juncture the national and local scenes are connected and citizens have an opportunity to make their own statement in the election this November and even at the doors of elected officials.


September 27, 2006 - 8:27am