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In God and Krispy Kreme we trust

The right wing continues to complain that their new attorney general, J. B. Van Hollen, isn&;t enough of an activist. (They wanted a new attorney general, they claimed, because the last one, a liberal Dem, was too much of an activist.) Just because he&;s the attorney general doesn&;t mean he should be hamstrung by little things like the law or the Constitution, they say.

The latest flap is over a ceremony to honor and commemorate murder victims, held at the State Capitol and sponsored by the State Dept. of Justice, which Van Hollen heads. After some militant atheists, the Freedom from Religion Foundation, complained about some religious content in the event, a hymn and a prayer were eliminated.

It&;s just coincidence, probably, that the two wingnuts complaining the loudest about JBVH are people who wanted the AG job -- a failed candidate in 1994, and who wanted it for her husband, Paul Bucher, an even bigger failure in 2006, losing to JBVH in the primary. (One conservative blogging lawyer, Rick Esenberg, )

McBride has now taken at it, wondering why JBVH can&;t be more like Scott Walker and include "God Bless America" and "Thank You to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts" on the program, and apparently even Charlie Sykes, who has not run for AG (and isn&;t a lawyer) has joined the list of whiners.

JBVH, who told the state Republican convention this summer that the GOP is appears to agree that his department can&;t sponsor religious-tinged events.

It might be a tougher call if it involved Freemasonry, which describes itself as fraternal and non-religious while calling its members "brethren" and explains Freemasony&;s foundation:

We believe that the strength of the family, the church, the community and our country rests with men of strong conviction, firm ethical and moral values and a devotion to our democratic system of government. As Masons, we help each other intensify our devotion to these enduring values...

In lodge meetings, there is no talk of politics, no discussion of religious issues, even though every Mason must affirm a belief-according to his own understanding-in deity and devotion to his country.

Freemasonry is not a religion, but it certainly talks about itself in churchy terms.

Van Hollen is the of the Grand Lodge of Masons in Wisconsin, having worked his way up through the ranks from Grand Swordbearer to top dog in the last 10 years. Although in line for the top position, Van Hollen says he offered to step aside when he was elected AG, but the Masons chose to promote him anyway.He was less concerned about appearances or mixing Masonry with governmental duties during his time as U.S. Attorney for western Wisconsin.

In 2005, the Freemasonry listed Van Hollen&;s Dept. of Justice email address and government phone numbers as contact information for him.

When he left that post to run for AG, the used his campaign email address.

Now he&;s cleaned up his act, and the current includes an email linked to the Freemasonry organization.

We&;ll get to the Krispy Kreme issue later.

UPDATE: Watch for McSykes & Co. to condemn Judge Lynn Adelman and rise to the defense of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke for on his deputies at a mandatory roll calls.


September 26, 2007 - 1:55pm