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Impoverished maverick enters Senate race

Russ Feingold, a candidate with almost no personal wealth and a tendency to want to discuss real issues, announced in Manitowoc that he will run for the US Senate as a Democrat this fall.

Pundits give his unusual campaign little hope of victory. "The mainstream media will no doubt ignore him, but maybe he'll get mentioned on a blog here and there and get some name recognition," one Capitol insider said.

Feingold starts out at a big disadvantage because a multi-millionaire -- maybe his name will come to mind in a moment -- has already been running for two weeks and has almost universal name recognition among state voters, according to a Rasmussen "poll."

Some say it is impossible for an incumbent to be reelected this year, but Feingold said he had rejected advice from consultants who urged him to resign his Senate seat and run as an outsider.

Gotta give Feingold credit for trying, anyway.


June 2, 2010 - 9:52am